This card is now active and is ready to be used!
Simply print this card and show it to your pharmacist.
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You will save 10% - 20% on name brands,
up to 70% and more on generic drugs.

You can check on your savings at
Click on Pharmacy Finder /  Drug Prices

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Can I use this card with my deducible?

Provide your pharmacist with both your insurance card and the InCareRx Card and ask which one will save you the most money. If you have a high deductible our care will reduce the cost of your prescriptions causing you to be farther from meeting your deductible. You can contact the Help Line at 800-286-9589 with any questions.

We do not compete with your pharmacy by trying to solicit your mail order business. Your pharmacist gets paid the same as if they were accepting an insurance card, but this card is not insuarnce.
How Does It Work?

Free Prescription Saving cards are not too good to be true. This one works. My wife and I tried it and turned a $300 bill into $40. I had to test it before I shared it with you.

This card is different than other cards. We pr
ocess millions of prescriptions a month for pharmacies nationwide and we know the actual cost of prescription drugs and the typical profits for pharmacies. Using this information we provide our customers with outstanding discounts while still maintaining a reasonable profit for your pharmacist. The pharmacy typically makes about the same amount on your transaction with the InCareRx Card as they do processing a prescription with insurance coverage.
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Is there a pre-existing condition exclusion?

No. Unlike insurance, discount programs do not require personal information for claims adjudication, nor is there a necessity for cash reserves because there is no risk.

Is there a claim form to be filled out?

No. No claim form or other paperwork is needed for the InCareRx Card

How do I use the card?

You can use your free drug card just as you would use an insurance card. Hand the card, or a printed copy of the card, to the pharmacist when you drop off your prescription and see what kind of discount you can get.

Is there a maximum benefit with the InCareRx Card?

In a word, NO. Unlike insurance, utilization is encouraged because it directs traffic to participating provider locations. You and your family may use the benefit of the card as many times as needed. There are no limitations on usage.

How do I locate a participating provider?

Thee are two ways to locate a nearby provider. You can do an online search at or call the Help Line at 800-286-9589.

You can use the card at any Wal*Mart, CVS, Eckerds, Winn-Dixie, Safeway, algreens, Costco, KMart, Target, Kroger, RiteAid, Randalls, Publix, Albertsons, and 1,000's more!